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2018-01-19    Coco.Z                                    views:  

As a new wig brand online, ChocHair really do a lot of works to satisfy all the needs of our customers. Positive reviews make all of our hard works count for, especial when we received the handwritten Thank-you notes from our customers.

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YannP is a new customer from us. She is too kindly to send us such a touchable letter. ChocHair are so glad to hear the feedback, and we want to say thank you for your support YannyP. ChocHair will keep working hard and offer our best service and products to every precious customer. 

Also if you guys have any questions or words want to leave to us, ChocHair Team are very welcomed to hear. Please email to or feel free leave your messages/comment below every blog post.




Hello Chochair company, I ordered the 3 bundles with closure the hair ia really soft with nice curl pattern. My only problem was that the closure is a different curl pattern and I have not had this hair in for a week yet and the closure is frizzing up and the hair is falling out. This is my first time buying this hair product and I ordered two different jerry curl bundles due to the reviews. Please contact me back . Thanks Brenda