8 tips and tricks of curly wigs care: No more FRIZZ

2018-02-28    Lina.W                                    views:  

Recently, I received several messages asking me how to care curly human hair wigs/closures/weaves,etc.. so today, I'll share some of my tips and tricks of hair care.


Let's get to my first one..

1.The  right temperature of water that you use for washing your wig can be very important. 

After you shampoo your wig, you should use warm water, as this is going to help to open the hair cuticle (yes, wigs still have much cuticle if they're in high quality)allowing your shampoo to do its job to cleanse your wig properly.

Continue to use warm water when you go to condition your wig but you will rinse the conditioner by using cold water. This is going to help to close the hair cuticle and allow the moisture to be retained that’s why it helps prevent frizz.

2.Do not rub your wig in your towel. 

You can wrap your wig in a microfiber towel or an old cotton t-shirt to help create less friction and frizz for your wig.

3.Applying some hair oils definitely would benefit your wig.

4.Do not brush your wig when it's wet.

You can try to brush your wig before you wash it, or you can detangle the hair with your fingers in the water. 

5.A Good combo of hair shampoo and conditioner matters.

Never use a shampoo and a conditioner which the first ingredient is alcohol because the alcohol could dry the hair and cause the hair become frizz.

6.Try not to apply heat on your wig frequently.

If you apply heat on your favorite wig very often , the high temperature would damage the cuticle to lead your wig becomes frizz.

7.Put your wig on a wig stand if you’re not using it.

Please remember to brush your wig before you put it on the stand.

8.The last one is to tell all my dearest ChocQueen, please care your ChocHair as much as you care your own hair. The wigs have life, believe me.

Hope the tips and tricks could help you. If you have any ideas, questions or even better way/tips of wigs care, please comment blow and let us know.

Hope you all have a lovely day!