My real first experience
with ChocHair
Hi ChocQueens, This is Lory Matin, I am so excited to be working with ChocHair! I had never worn a wig, and had never wanted to try a wig before I met ChocHair. One of my friends who works at ChocHair introduced some wigs and hair bundles to me since she thought I should try these wonderful things! I took her advice and bought a long virgin hair package from them, and required their designer to dye and sew in the hair for me. The hair has changed me completely! I became more confident and energetic since then. I love the hair so bad! I want to share my experience and bring the “beauty” to every ordinary girl like me.
Highlight Hair Weave First time to wear hair bundles.
I don't want to wear a natural black color, so they help me re-dye the hair. If you want to change your hair color, You also can custom from ChocHair or have a hair salon help you.
Sew in Hair Weave After re-dyed the hair, Their hairstylist Lisa help me sew in the weave.
That is AMAZING, I can't believe hair weave also can blend hair very well.
HairStyle Style my brown hair.
You also can custom your style or color at ChocHair salon. It's really convenient.
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Install Lace Wig First time to wear a lace wig, It is not very difficult. (easy glueless method)
Free Gifts for Every Lace Wig Order
Things you should know about the Cap construction
The difference among lace front cap, Full lace cap and Glueless full lace cap.
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The hair has changed me completely
Now I have changed my mind completely. My hair was the talk of the party. “Lory, oh my gosh! You are so beautiful. I love your hair. I want to get the same hair with you. Can you help me choose my wig?” Yes! When ChocHair invited me to be their ambassador. I am very happy. I fell in love with them!
Here is the right place to buy your wigs, you can have many choices. If you have any problem, ask their amazing hair experts. They are happy to answer any of your questions and address any concerns you may have. They can help with choosing the right wig, the perfect color choice, and so much more.
My friends, Here's to always having beautiful hair. Big hugs and kisses!